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Welcome to VYI Wrestling!

Vienna Firebirds


Read below to learn about upcoming Summer wrestling opportunities, as well our plans for next year’s team.  We will also be emailing this information out and posting updates on the Facebook page:   


Our goal is to teach and encourage a love for the sport of wrestling - the oldest sport in the world.  Wrestling teaches a mental and physical discipline unlike any other sport and establishes character traits and skills that are applicable to all aspects of life and which extend well beyond the years spent on the wrestling mat.


Our Vienna Firebirds club has become the preeminent program in the Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation (NVWF), producing dozens of regional champions and high school varsity wrestlers.  In 2016-2017 we’re going to build on this success and take the program to the next level. 


Summer: Staying in Touch

First off, we would encourage you to participate in any of the great camps that are available this summer, and have provided a list at the bottom of this page.  While all of these camps are great, we are encouraging Firebirds to participate in three local camps in particular so that our team has an opportunity to practice together over the summer.


To help everybody plan we have setup a poll.  If you can please click on the link below and indicate when your child is interested in participating it will help with carpooling and making sure everybody has practice partners.

Click here to indicate the camps you are interested in!



We had been hoping to schedule a once-a-week clinic at Madison over the summer, but that has proven too challenging logistically so we're instead trying to get as many of our wrestlers at the same camps, at the same time, as possible. 


Fall: Getting Ready

We are trying to organize a series of clinics this fall, most likely two days a week at Madison.  Our expectation is for a group of Firebirds to participate in three to five tournaments in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, and we are also exploring the possibility of setting up some dual (team-vs-team) meets.  This is very much a work in progress and we will be sending out more information over the summer.



We are still in the early stages and will be sharing more information over the next few months, but our goal is to not only field champion NVWF wrestlers but also to support a tournament team that will compete in dual meets as well as in individual tournaments, most likely in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Outside of Northern Virginia wrestling is more of an annual sport, and the Firebirds and other local clubs are working together to improve our teams and provide more opportunities for advancement and excellence.



Top of the Podium (Sterling)

*PA Invasion Technique Camp: June 27th-30th

*Iowa Style "Intensity" Camp: August 15th-19th


Paul VI (Fairfax)

*Kelly Ward Camp: July 8th-10th


Kerry McCoy (University of Maryland)


Gene Mills Wrestling Camp (Forksville, PA)


Gonzaga Wrestling Academy (DC)


Joe Russel Patriot Wrestling Camps (George Mason)


UVA Wrestling Camps (Charlottesville)



*Indicates a preferred camp.  Please click on the "doodle poll" link below to indicate if you are planning on attending either of the TOP or Paul VI camps:

We’re excited about the upcoming season, and hope that you will join us.  If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact VYI Wrestling Commissioners Bob Allen and Mike Nicholas:





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