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Sport commissioners are appointed by the President and serve at his discretion. When a commissioner is appointed, Board members usually get to know them at Board meetings, and most of the commissioners have had several conversations with a Board member, either in person, on the phone or via email, about how VYI handles the operations and finances at VYI.
Once the President/Board get to know a commissioner they are usually given wide latitude in how they conduct their program and the President/Board gets involved only if the commissioner attempts to spend outside their budget, or have a personnel issue within the league which requires a dispute resolution as outlined on this WEB site, or there is a code of conduct violation which is not effectively dealt with. Commissioners are expected to report on their sport, whether in or out of season, at each Board meeting. Attendance at a number of meetings, held every fourth Tuesday of each month, is required.
VYI uses the registration system programmed by League Athletics and the credit card processing program they offer. Commissioners are expected to actively manage their WEB site within guidelines offered by VYI. VYI's Vice President-IT helps on request. VYI does not want commissioners to deal with any checks or cash, if at all possible, so commissioners are discouraged from collecting funds directly. At any fund raising event, the Vice President-Ways & Means is usually present to collect money. Registration programs within League Athletics should be used for the collection of program fees and other funds. This should save considerable time for the commissioner. Other software has been created to help manage the Building Director requirement and some other admin functions. The software resides on the VYI server located in the VYI Equipment Building and is accessible via the WEB.
Commissioners are expected to ensure that every coach who spends time with children in their program completes a coach application at this WEB site and completes a Background Check at least once every two years. Coaches who have not completed these requirements must not be allowed by commissioners to participate with any children. Commissioners are expected to check this very carefully.
Commissioners are required to submit an annual budget, which is due each May. Because of the forms VYI provides, this process usually takes no more than a few minutes each year after the initial annual expenditures are determined. The budget must be followed and for any expenditure of more than $500 that is not detailed on the budget, the commissioner must obtain Board approval for the expenditure prior to any commitment of funds. If a budget is not submitted, the budget created by the Vice President, Finance, is applicable and the sport commissioner must stay within its spending guidelines until the Board approves another revised budget. Any budget submitted must show at least a 5% bottom line, not to provide a cash flow for VYI, but to be certain the budget is not overspent.
If a sport creates new seasons or new variations of their sport, such as flag football, or Spring Cheer, the sport commissioner is expected to create a separate budget for that sport/season. VYI does not allow one sport/season to subsidize another, so each sport/season must stand on its own, absent Board approval to function otherwise. VYI offers mainly House sports programs where all kids who wish to can participate. Any Select programs that are offered are carefully watched to ensure the most fair and unbiased selection of players. Each Select program must stand on its own and the House program may not subsidize a Select program. Programs are designed not to compete with each other for practice and game space during a given season.
Commissioners are given wide latitude in purchasing equipment required for their sport as long as it is within the budgeted amounts. Commissioners are expected to sign out equipment and otherwise reasonably keep track of it during the sport season. VYI does not want equipment to remain in the school gyms when a season is over. All commissioners must take steps to collect the equipment and return it to the VYI Equipment Building or other approved storage locations. Cages were built in the VEB so that equipment would be stored safely and securely at the end of each season, until a new season starts. Before the new season, after coaches are selected, the equipment is issued to each coach or school. If the school is agreeable to keeping the equipment during a season, that is fine, but it needs to be returned to VYI at the end of each season. This is an important requirement for each commissioner.
Commissioners are expected to run a fair, competitive and safe program for all of their participants and to do their best to impart knowledge of their sport to each participant. Participation rules should be implemented by commissioners if there is any chance of discrimination.
The above requirements related to sport commissioners are well known throughout VYI and are Board approved.  VYI does not consider these requirements for sport commissioners to be burdensome and considers them simply good management of a rapidly growing and expanding club. In our fiscal year just completed VYI had over 7000 participant seasons in2014, so clearly the organization must be actively managed to succeed.
VYI strongly supports the improvement of school facilities which VYI sports may utilize. For example, VYI spent considerable funds to improve volleyball as a sport within Fairfax County by adding floor connections, stanchions, nets, and poles in a variety of schools. In addition, VYI has actively supported the Town of Vienna and Fairfax County schools by helping to support the installation of turf fields for football, lacrosse, cheer and rugby, building tracks at elementary schools for track and cross country, buying mats for use in wrestling, and improving basketball court facilities at many schools in our area.
VYI offers college scholarships, which are presented each June during a banquet held at Westwood Country Club. The scholarships are given to those participants who maintain a 3.0 GPA, have excellent character, and who supported VYI over their grade school and high school years. A minimum of five years playing a VYI sport is usually the standard, and volunteering, not for pay, is also carefully considered by the VYI Scholarship Committee.
The VYI Board consists of elected officials and the various appointed sports commissioners. Elected officials usually have a great deal of experience and many current officials are members of VYI's Hall of Fame. Membership in the Hall of Fame is usually restricted to those persons who have committed a significant number of hours to VYI both at the sport and administrative level, usually over a 20 year career. Sports commissioners are usually persons with a special interest in their sport either related to their own child or personal experience.