To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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To qualify, the family must make contact with the Basketball league only by submitting a "Parent Refund Request" form via the basketball WEB site (See vertical menu item "Forms" or go to the "Links" page)  Requests via coaches or commissioners are not considered as it is the date posted on the "Parent Refund Request" email that eventually determines the refund that will be issued and there are no exceptions. Any emails, dated outside the time frames below will not be considered for refund.

Refunds are granted if VYI receives your form within the time frames listed below.


      1. Prior to Midnight October 16,  full amount paid.

      2. From October 17 through November 15, 50% of amount paid for 1st through 8th graders.

       3. For players in high school house leagues, 100% refunds are provided through November 15 and 50% after November 15 until Midnight the 30th of November.

      4. After November 15 for 8th grade and below, and November 30th for 9th grade and above, NO REFUNDS WILL BE CONSIDERED, unless the child has been on the Wait List for the league and decides not to play, in which case a full refund will be granted.



      1. If player was selected and then chooses to play for another club, parents have until midnight on the second Friday of the tryout period to request a full refund.

      2. If player was selected and subsequently quits the team, no refunds will be provided.

      3. If player was selected and subsequently decides to play House instead of County, an additional $30 late fee will apply. The player will be placed on the Wait List until a position of someone with similar skills becomes available on a team.

      4. If player was not selected, a refund will be provided as follows:

           a) prior to Midnight October 31, full amount paid.

           b) from Midnight October 31 through November 15, 50% of amount paid.

           c) after November 15  NO REFUNDS WILL BE CONSIDERED.



Notwithstanding above, 100% refunds are provided, if requested via email using the "Parent Refund Request" form, by Midnight November 30, to any student athlete who makes a high school team and must withdraw for that reason. Requests after that date will not be considered.



Refunds are determined based on the difficulty of VYI adjusting team makeup due to the failure of a player to participate. VYI commits the bulk of its funds based on registrations prior to October 15, so refunds provided after that date are only a portion of the full amount paid.

Refunds are NOT provided because families can not or will not accommodate their schedules to VYI practice or game times and refunds are not provided because the league will not accommodate a car pool request, except within the dates and for the amounts shown in the guidelines.