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To qualify for a refund, the parent or legal guardian of the participant MUST notify the Rugby commissioner by submitting a completed "Parent Refund Request" form via the VYI Rugby webpage.  When submitted copies of the form are automatically sent to the VYI Treasurer and the Rugby commissioner. 

Refund checks will be mailed by the VYI Treasurer based on the stated policy of Rugby as detailed below.

If, after submitting the "Parent Refund Request" form, the requestor does not receive a response within 5 business days, please contact the sport commissioner to verify that the refund request was received.  If a refund request is submitted right at the cut off deadline it is the responsibility of the requestor to ensure that the commissioner has received the request.


Refunds are granted within the guidelines and time frames listed below.

1. Any refunds granted shall be subject to deductions for any costs incurred directly related to the registrant.  This may include, but are not limited to, Rugby Virginia fees, County fees, VYI fees, VIENNA RUGBY fees, or bank fees.

Full Refund Limitations

  • Spring Rugby - March 30th (Minus any incurred costs)
  • Summer Rugby - June 15th (Minus any incurred costs)
  • Or within 10 days of player registration (Minus any incurred costs)

2. Refunds requested after the cutoff date may be granted at the discretion of the commissioner based on a life event that prevents the player from completing the season.  Loss of employment by parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s), Military relocation, family court decision, etc.

3. Refunds, after the cutoff dates, are NOT provided because player/family cannot, or will not, accommodate their schedules to practice or game times.  Refunds are not provided because the league will not accommodate a specific coach/team request or car pool request.  Also, player injury is not a basis for a refund request.

4. If Vienna Rugby has loaned or rented equipment to the participant, no refund will be issued until said equipment has been verified as returned. The date of the refund request will be adjusted to the date of the return of the equipment.

5. VYI reserves the right to change this policy at any time and to deny or approve a refund for any reason. We strive for consistency and fairness and will evaluate every request objectively. However, there may be circumstances, that VYI did not foresee when forming this refund policy, that may require us to deny or approve a particular refund request or to change the refund policy.

6. VYI will make every attempt to be consistent across this website. If there is an inconsistency between this policy and a policy listed at our main WEB site, the commissioner for this sport will have the final determination as to which policy takes precedence. If you find an inconsistency, whether related to this policy or other web content, please report it to .