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Winter Registration Will Open September 1st!

Soon: Free Intro to Wrestling Clinic

We will be holding 2-3 free "Intro to Wrestling" clinics in the Summer and Fall. Sign-up for the Email List to receive our announcement when dates have been finalized. Learn about the sport and the Firebirds, practice some basics, and have FUN!


Winter "Regular" Season

The regular season is from November to early March and focuses on Folkstyle wrestling, the dominant style of wrestling in the US and practiced in schools. Registration begins in early Fall.

Spring Season

In the Spring we focus on Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling styles. These are styles practiced internationally and can be seen in the Olympics. Registration begins after the regular season ends in late February.

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About the Club

Our goal is to teach and encourage a love for the sport of wrestling - the oldest sport in the world. Wrestling teaches a mental and physical discipline unlike any other sport and establishes character traits and skills that are applicable to all aspects of life and which extend well beyond the years spent on the wrestling mat.






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